"I am the queen-bitch of a blood-soaked world and an architect of genocide. I have danced with chaos for years and conquered every enemy I have ever faced—including death."
—Zira Ventress
Zira Ventress
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Vital Statistics
Affiliation Groups:
Position Necromancer
Alias The Lady of Corpses
Family Unknown
Born 1242 in Kurast, Kehjistan
Status Alive
Gender Female
Ethnicity Kehjistani, Eastern
Height 5'6"
Alignment Neutral Evil

Zira Ventress is a Necromancer and the co-leader, along with Bradley Waechter, of Death Watch, a merciless clan of outlaws, rebels, exiles and killers, for most members are typically honed to dark or otherwise evil motives. She is regarded as a highly skilled necromancer in Sanctuary, known for her uncanny abilities to collect and manipulate spirits.

In her early years, Zira became a founding member of the Eternal Companions. She held great influence in the organization but eventually turned friend-to-foe due to her quest for power in leadership and magic. Her demeanor turned bitter towards the organization due to their lack of political strife. The Eternal Eight made the unanimous vote to excommunicate Zira, thus invoking her hostility towards the Eternal Companions, specifically Ikeda.

In her later years Zira began healing her relationship with the Eternal Companions. She is often either a formidable enemy or an invaluable ally to the members of the organization; mostly, she has a strained relationship with Ikeda. She adopted a close relationship to Bradley, viewing him as both an ally and partner. According to rumor, he has been resurrected by her numerous times and is her personal thrall. She is known as The Lady of Corpses by friend and foe alike.


To be continued....

Character and Appearance Edit

Ventress is vindictive, duplicitous and manipulative, showing different facets of her personality depending on who she interactes with. Earlier in her life and during her time in the Eternal Companions, Ventress was willful, ambitious and had a certain low cunning. She resents the customs and conventions put on her because of her gender, but never realizes that people do not come to her or respect her commands because she is an ineffectual leader.

Her form of fighting is peculiar to say the least; she uses heavy melee weaponry despite her mana usage and knowledge of magic. This often deceives her foes, thinking her as merely a hand-to-hand fighter and underestimating her abilities in arcane. When her resurrected or thralled soldiers are ordered to fight, Ventress often joins them at their side.

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Commanding the foul and fiend.