"Poison, secrets and gold are my trade."
—Xandria's proposal in conducting business.
Xandria Waker
Assassin by fetfreak-d8ttfn9
Vital Statistics
Affiliation The Oricon
Position Mercenary


Alias The Saboteur
Family Unknown
Born Unknown
Status Unknown
Gender Female
Ethnicity Aranochi
Height 5'5"
Alignment Chaotic Evil

Xandria Waker was a mercenary and expert assassin, hired by multiple underworld organizations in her career and known by her peers to be one of the most efficient spies in Sanctuary. During missions or operations she deployed stealth, sabotage and use of poison to kill her targets. She held an uneasy alliance with the Viz-Jaq'taar.

In 1266, Xandria became acquainted with Sir Eric Van Der Loo, then a famous Kingsguard, through deploying herself into his services. After Eric forged the Oricon, a secret organization of exiles and outlaws, she joined under his cause. For many years she served as the right-hand to Eric Van Der Loo and lead a spy network under his rule. Within the criminal underworld, she is known as The Saboteur.


To be continued...

Character and Appearance Edit

Xandria is regarded as treacherous, while maintaining a sweet and pious persona. She is fair, with black hair, blue eyes and an almost otherworldly innocence about her. She has soft pale hands but they are as deadly as Nikka's callused ones, if not more so. She posses keen knowledge of poisons and it is her chosen weapon, especially snakes.