"An honest thief is easy to love, but what is more offensive than a false saint?"
—Willem to Isham.

Sir Willem Grandison is a Knight of Khanduras and the leader of the Rune Rogues. He is also a decorative war veteran and the former Mayor of Drywood. Willem's reputation is polarizing to those who know him, seen as a hero to many and a theif among others. Despite his delinquency, Willem is known as a formidable leader among men.


Willem was born in the small isolated town of Drywood in rural Khanduras. He was raised among five other siblings as the eldest son. Having joined the town militia at a young age, Willem found himself squiring for regional warriors and traveling knights. He also worked at the local tavern at nighttime as a waiter and stable boy.

By 1255, Willem had become the new captain of the Drywood militiamen. During his time as leader Willem spearheaded several campaigns to stomp out highwayman and hill tribes that instigated conflict in the region. He later took up the political position in the town as a majordomo. Willem received notable recognition after aiding the Knights of Khanduras' coalition force in bringing down Chieftain Navajo of the Palerock Clan.

Knights of Khanduras Edit

In 1258, Willem was summoned to the King's court in Tristram as a representative of Drywood. He as well as many other political representatives from across the kingdom were present during King Leoric's inauguration. Upon meeting his grace briefly, Willem was granted Knigthood by King Leoric after a promotional ceremony. During the celebration in Tristram the following week, Willem was introduced to many notable noblemen and knights, including Sir Lachdanan, Sir Gorash, Sir Raimund Heartsbane, and Prince Aidan, the King's eldest son.

Mayor of Drywood Edit

Rune Rogues Edit

Character and Appearance Edit

Willem is brash but calculating. Many of his closest comrades within the Rune Rogues claim he is the embodiment of an 'honest thief' and that his amoral principles often reflect his character. None the less, Willem is loyal to his comrades and trustworthy to his peers, especially during his years as Mayor of Drywood. Alec Kylar considers him one of the finest Knights who ever lived and credits him as an unsung hero in a broken kingdom.