"Bounty hunting 'ought to be illegal; you're paid to kill a person wanted for killing. In the end, you've still got a killer to deal with. The world is a strange place."
—Vyer's views on claiming a bounty.
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Vital Statistics
Affiliation Tower Tribe
Position Bounty Hunter
Alias Vy
Family Unknown
Born Unknown
Status Alive
Gender Male
Ethnicity Westerner
Height 6'2"
Alignment Lawful Evil

Vyer is a legendary highlander from the Tower Tribe of Westmarch. He is considered by Westerners to be one of the most fiercest hunters and is infamous for his willfulness to wear the skin, bones and fur of his prey as trophy.


Vyer was raised as a feral child within the Forest of Koth, located north of Duncraig. He was found by the Tower Tribe when he was a toddler and brought up to become a warrior. The tribe elders educated him in the Common Tongue. Through his combat training, Vyer was inspired to cleanse the region of Goatmen who constantly fought with the hill tribes of Westmarch.

Appearance and CharacterEdit

Vyer is ghastly in appearance and his smell is nearly as foul as a bloated corpse. He claims to have killed over a hundred goatmen and wears their fur and bones. Having very few allies outside his tribe, Vyer is described as a savage man who lacks all interpersonal connection to society and life. Though he stays within the laws of Westmarch as a principle to bounty hunting, he does not shy from killing or extorting others who he deems guilty.