"Let the Priests argue over good and evil... but I gave you a choice: live in my new world or die in your old one."
—Vellatra to Alec Kylar, moments before slicing off his tounge.
Vital Statistics
Affiliation Nerazim

Agents of the Void (formerly)

Position Dark Templar
Alias Miss Spider

The Timeless One

Family unnamed daughter
Born Unknown
Status Exiled
Gender Male
Ethnicity Xian
Height 5'10"
Alignment Unknown

Grand Widow Vellatra, commonly known by her sobriquet 'Miss Spider', is an exiled member of the Nerazim, more commonly known as the Dark Templar. Having been born in the early age of Sanctuary, she became one of the original members of the first group of Nerazim, Agents of the Void, and was well known for her cold and nihilistic views. She would later become a confidant of Trag'Oul, having met the ancient beast only once, and had strict access into the realm of the Void. Her most infamous act was her betrayal of Trag'Oul and the purging of the Nerazim in her quest for power. For her sins, A group of Khalai mages, known as the High Templar, trapped her in a timeless realm to remain prisoner forever until Alec Kylar inadvertently released her.


Her origins lost to time, Vellatra's past remains uncertain and only very little is known about her upbringing. She is one of the last surviving Ancients, beings that inhabited Sanctuary when their race was still young and prosperous in Sanctuary. she was gifted in the arts of shadow magic and claimed by many to be an "ageless prodigy".

Shadow's Edge Edit


Lair of the Grand Widow.

Character and AppearanceEdit

One of Vellatra's most distinguishing features is her dark hair, shaped like the feathers of a crow and is as black as the Void; her foes view her hair as intimidating due to the fact that every strand on her head does not reflect any light. Like most Nerazim, she wears a black cloak and long-mask to conceal her identity. Vellatra will seldom blink or shift her eyes, which many consider to be the most unique aspect of her face. At times when she does not wear her mask she is considered to be extremely beautiful, her tall frame complemented with comely features and "a smile that cuts like a knife".

Another distinguishing feature is her sonorous and melodious voice, with an Xian accent; its very sound an enchantment and all that it said seems wise and reasonable. However, those that converse with her see her as fiercely intelligent and highly sophisticated; she rarely raises her voice in anger and always has a very calm, collected demeanor in public, but everyone who speaks to her at length become absolutely terrified of her - more often than not - because a certain sinister aura that she emanates.

She is careful to present herself as mysterious, serene and powerful, wearing light clothing even in the cold of winter, for example. Although she is genuinely skilled with magic, she enhances this with various smokes and powders that she keeps concealed in her robes. In her later years, Vellatra claims she has practiced her art for "years beyond count" and may be very old. She has the unique ability to invoke deadly shadow assassins against her enemies.