"Hurry it up, you bastaaards! I could hang a dozen men while you're screwing around!"
—Tula's notorious last words before her execution.

Chieftress Tula was a leading member of Corvus Rengeades and a loyal warrior to Imperator Far'ukor . A fearless warrior and huntress, Tula fought in several major conflicts within the years of the Corvus Renegades. Tula came to lead a cadre of raiders known as the Lost Heathens.

History Edit

Tula was born into the hill tribes of Westmarch and grew up hunting and raiding as a highwayman. She met Far'ukor when she was fourteen through an alliance between their tribes. Years later, she crossed paths with Far'ukor again, now titled as Imperator, when he began mustering warriors for the Corvus Renegades. She slept with Far'ukor, only once, on the day he assimilated her tribe into his army as an act of consummating their alliance.

Tula would later became infamous for her war crimes during the Battle of Culver and the massacre that followed. Most notably, she used a catapult to launch a Wildfire bomb at the city gates, killing hundreds of soldiers and citizens. She was later captured and executed by Westmarch forces. Despite her demise, the hill tribes that were once pledged to her look upon Tula as a champion and true warrior, while the citizens of Westmarch view her as a barbaric heathen.