"In the whole of my long life, I have never met a more repellent personality than Toan's. When I look at him I am reminded irresistibly of the wicked urchins of the streets of Lut Gholein, whose favorite occupation was to tie a piece of paper dipped in oil to a cat's tail, set fire to it, and then watch with delight how the terrified animal would tear down the street, trying desperately but in vain to escape the approaching flames. I do not doubt that in his childhood Toan amused himself in just such a manner and that he is now continuing to do so in different forms."
Ikeda describing Toan.

Toan Tran was a vigilante gang leader operating in Lut Gholein, and former member of the Eternal Companions. Native to Xiansai, Toan left his homeland in 1260 by ship where he became a trader. After sailing with merchant ships across the Twin Seas for several years, Toan settled down in Lut Gholein and became a fence within the criminal underworld. The network of criminals that flocked to his fencing soon made him rich, but a year later he began selling out his criminal associates as an informant to Lord Jerhyn and the city guard.

After the collapse of several crime syndicates caused by Radament the Fallen during the Emergence of Evil, Toan would later start up his own mercenary group by recruiting associates and known bounty hunters. Toan's gang became known for their bold presence of vigilante justice, thus conflict would erupt during the rise of gangs or criminal syndicates, resulting in massacres or alley skirmishes. In 1268, Toan and his minions integrated themselves into the Eternal Companions by association with his old allies Ikeda and Katheryne.


To be continued....

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Toan, age 17, in 1257 A.K.