"To go forward you must go back and to touch the light you must pass beneath the shadow."
—The Moth Queen regarding the Worldstone's destruction.

The Moth Queen is a powerful patron to the Priests of Rathma and close confidant of Deathspeaker Jurdann. The extent of her powers and magic are unknown, yet she identifies herself as a "practitioner of all magic" and claims she is "a patron of life and death". Unique to her persona and power is her ability of clairvoyance.


Born a slave and once named Melody, she lived on Greyhollow Island and was sold to a clan of shamans.

Pursued by the Spectre Edit

Character and Appearance Edit

Despite her mysterious nature, she is known for her gruff, impertinent, meek though wise persona. When alone with others, she presents herself as direct and transparent wisdom. She is gentle in nature, and hardly shows aggression unless provoked by hostility.

Unlike the Deathspeaker, however, she is not overtly intolerant of other religions (particularly Zakarum). She never expresses her feelings, neither does she show any political view or affiliation; she is seen giving counsel to, among others, The Deathspeaker, Solene, Mengsk, and many of her affiliates - forewarning one against the other.

Voices from the heart.

Her most distinguished feature is her Moth Veil, used to conceal her visage and true features behind a wooden, lacquered mask. Also, the mask prompts superiority over her followers as well as intimidates her foes.