"Die knowing that soon, no one will be left to mourn you, traitor. My father, the Archduke, says the crows are to feed on your corpse."
—Bryan Bennen to Ingold Thorne, moments before cutting him down.
Battle of the Blind Forest
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The War of the Shadows


August 8th, 1269 A.K.


Blind Forest, Westmarch

  • Destruction Vellatra's forces and purging of the forest
  • Victory for the Aldermen
  • Vellatra retreats from the realm

The Feast of Crows is a massacre that occurred during the War of the Shadows, orchestrated by Bryan Bennen and Haldon Fengel. During the massacre, Ingold Thorne, his wife, Meera, his best friend, Barkart, and most of the inhabitants outside the Church of Light were murdered, including a bishop. The massacre, which violated all the sacred laws of hospitality, created much controversy in Westmarch, prompting King Justinian III to condemn those responsible.

Unbeknownst to most, however, is the fact that the true masterminds of the Feast of Crows is the Duke of Westmarch, Byron Bennen, who conspired to avenge his son's death by slaughtering Ingold Thorne. Another conspirator, by neutral collusion, is Vellatra and her pawn known as "The Skin-Walker", the latter which had assimilated Haldon.

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"I defy your rule, your Majesty. Even unto death. For I am Sir Barkart of House Tye, and I will cut your guard's throat if you harm Ingold further."
—Sir Barkart's epitath.
Upon arriving in Bramwell on the early morning of August 5th, 1269 A.K. the three Knights heard the ringing of church bells, as Sunday's church service was just beginning. Robert was tasked at finding suitable transportation while Barkart and Ingold attended to their families. Ingold arrived home to find it vacant, but soon found Brienne and her friend Chrissy, both of whom were playing hide-and-seek under the bed. However, the Moon Knight found that his wife had already left for their church service. Eager to reunite with his wife, Ingold lead Brienne, followed by Chrissy, to the church where they found Meera leading the choir. Due to his scruffy appearance, Meera did not initially notice Ingold. The bishop Alzan then began to preach about the men lost at war, which prompted Ingold remove his hood and kneel to his wife and the bishop. In tears, Meera hurried to her husband to embrace him.
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Haldon walks away with a grin after the massacre has ended.

Meanwhile, Prince Bryan and his personal squad remained in the town center of Bramwell and kept a watchful eye on the town's citizens. The Skin-walker, still in Haldon's form, was quick to learn that Ingold and his company had entered the city. Before informing the Prince, Haldon sent word to the Hollowed Sisters on Ingold's arrival. Vellatra's puppets then began to formulate a plan to extract the location of the Soulstriders, in which they hoped to find through Ingold. Finally, when Haldon reported to Bryan on Ingold's activities, the Prince launched an assault on the church to capture the Knight swiftly and surely; his actions, though bold, were unquestioned by his squad.

Ingold was lulled into a false sense of security after reuniting with his wife and daughter.