"Never build your sand castle too close to the shore."
—Shirley Lopar
Shirley Lopar
Doun by mariana vieira-d41x1gx
Vital Statistics
Affiliation Undersky Militant

Eternal Companions

Position Adventurer


Alias Roadbound Shirley
Family Adria (sister)

Kristopher (brother)

Born 1244 A.K. in Fort Dryke, Swamplands
Status Alive
Gender Female
Ethnicity Kehjistani
Height 5'4"
Alignment Lawful Good

Shirley Lopar is an adventure, an accomplished diplomat of the Undersky Militant and a member of the Eternal Companions. Though not a gifted fighter, she has witnessed the grim reality of war and participated enough to know how to survive in a battle. She is the younger sister of the famous warrior Kristopher Lopar.


Much like her older brother, Shirley keeps her upbringing faded in mystery and seldom speaks of her past. However, unlike her brother, she will proceed remark her experiences and the wisdom she has received in her years growing up, such as her gift for bilingual, painting, writing and breeding animals. On such occasions, she reveals withheld stories about her brother that Kristopher would otherwise keep secret; many members of the Eternal Companions will often sway Shirley into revealing the details about brother's past predicaments.

Shirley is known to proficiently serve as a bridge between organizations in Sanctuary, particularly the Undersky Militant and Eternal Companions, thus making her a valuable asset to the expansion of their unification. In rare occasions Shirley will even participate in battles against the evil doers of Sanctuary. Her most notable accomplishment was acting as a messenger to Ikeda Cao, leader of the Eternal Companions, in an effort to recruit him and his forces into the Battle of Orange Coast, resulting in a decisive victory for the Undersky Militant.

Character and Appearance Edit

Shirley is contempt and introverted, traits that defines her personality and image. She is shy at times but can often be vocal about her true feelings. He brother Kristopher notes that she is "a free and wandering spirit" and that she is often "lost" in her own imagination. As a tomboy, Shirley disregards beauty and accepts her competence as a strong individual. She carries a raven named Jarky with her at all times for the use of diplomacy or swiftly mailing letters.