"Maybe I ought to teach you a lesson when this is all over, a lesson in death."
—Rooster to Cossack.

Chieftain Rooster was the leader of the Blackreach Clan and a warlord during the Reign of the Corvus Renegades. He was a commander during the Battle of Culver and was killed in combat after being betrayed by Chieftain Cossack.


Rooster was born within the mountain regions of Westmarch and raised among the wildling clans. Unlike most wildlings Rooster was very much intrigued with the Zakarum faith and their religious practices, thus he held a high moral compass among his peers. Rooster also once took it upon himself to capture and enslave a Zakarum priest during a raid and convert him into his household member.

He became leader of the Blackreach Clan in 1264 after his father's passing. He was initially hesitant to serve under Imperator Far'ukor and his coalition force, but was persuaded when Far'ukor offered him lands conquered in Khanduras to use for farming and expansion. The Blackreach clan grew in significant size during the Reign of the Corvus Renegades, even rivaling the Imperator's forces and seizong control over many towns and villages across the southern coast of Khanduras.

During a particular raid alongside Chieftain Cossack, Far'ukor's right-hand man, Rooster conquered a small fishing village and forbade his minions and allies from entering the Zakarum church. When Cossack challenged Rooster's integrity and loyalty, the two chieftain's brawled that resulted in a tie. Afterwards, Cossack quickly spread word to his peers that Rooster was a betrayer to the gods that the hilltribes worshiped.

In the months following the confrontation with Chieftain Cossack, Rooster grew stricken of harassment and verbal abuse to the point of nearly committing suicide. However, Imperator Far'ukor met and spoke with Rooster during the war, insuring him with lies that he would be crowned King of Khanduras. In truth, Imperator Far'ukor sought to string along Rooster long enough for the imminent and climatic Battle of Culver. Shortly after the battle was won and the massacre ended, Rooster and his loyalist were slaughtered amidst the chaos by Chieftain Cossack and Stalgard..

Character and Appearance Edit

Rooster was commonly known as a simpleton yet had a reputation as a formidable leader. Though not the most cunning, nor the most skilled combatant, Rooster was highly resourceful among other mountain clans by providing trade goods and access to roads. He was a devoted family many and was very open minded to other cultures.