"I have killed more people — helpless people — than any other man or woman who ever lived."
—Ronar boasting about his murders.

Ronar the Berserker was among fiercest warriors served to the Corvus Renegades. He became notorious for his killing sprees in small villages across Khanduras. He was a close associate of Chieftain Cossack, widely infamous for the Massacre of Culver and the contest — a race between the two warriors to see which could kill 100 people first using only a sword.

History Edit

Ronar was the born into the Eagle Peak tribe within the region of Westmarch. Abandoned by his family and peers when he was only 7 years old, he lived as a feral child for nearly a year before he was found by traveling shaman of the hill tribes. Brought to Chieftain Cossack, Ronar served his overlord with reluctant loyalty. The chieftain would regular beat and abuse the boy. Over the years Ronar came to strongly resent the chieftain, yet admired his reputation as a notorious warrior.

One day while being beaten with a stick by Cossack, a 12 year old Ronar fought back, stole Cossack's whip and retaliated at the chief whippigb him multiple times. Ronar was eventually subdued, and instead of being angered the chief became pleased with the boy's strength. Two weeks after the incident, Cossack brought Ronar along on a raid to attack an opposing tribe; Ronar killed his first man, a warrior who attacked him, and later ate his heart.

In 1267, Ronar was drafted into Corvus Renegades after Imperator Far'ukor took notice to his wild and barbaric nature. Chieftain Cossack was initially hesitant to bring the young fighter into the strife, for he had no experience in actual battles against trained knights. Ronar proved his worth in the months that followed as he led attacks across the foothills and along the coast. He also partook in several battles and skirmishes, and though he lacked efficient combat training his foes were nevertheless stricken by his ferocity and horrific battle cries.

Character and Appearance Edit

The most senior ranking hillsman, Ronar is a mountain of a man — loud, brash, violent, playful and a little unhinged. A ferocious warrior, Ronar's weakness is his superstition of the Light and the Zakarum religion. While exceedingly efficient and unpredictable in his fighting skills, many of his peers noted his lack of strategic thought. His peers regard him as insane and compare him to savage individuals such as Krea the Bog Witch of the Shaman Tribe.