"Beautiful, and willful, and dead before her time"
Alec regarding his past with Rose.
Roisin Vasili
Vital Statistics
Affiliation Vampirates

Viz-Jaq'taar (formerly)

Position Assassin


Alias The Vampirate
Family Merek (father)
Born 1245 A.K. in Entsteig, Sharval Wilds
Status Alive; Resurrected
Gender Female
Ethnicity Westerner
Height 5'7"
Alignment Chaotic Neutral

Lady Roisin "Rose" Vasili is a former assassin, currently a vampire serving under a enigmatic pirate ship, the Nocturne, and more commonly known as a Vampirate. Rose had a falling out with Viz-Jaq'taar that caused her exile, thereby making her an enemy of the order and their associates. Upon fleeing aboard a ship with Alec Kylar, she was subsequently killed during the voyage. Ultimately, Rose's corpse was rescued and resurrected by The Captain, a mysterious man in charge of the Nocturne.


Daughter of the Viz-Jaq'taar Edit

The Storm's Fallen Edit

Recent Events Edit

Character and Appearance Edit

Mysterious and stunningly beautiful, Rose is both complex and emotionally layered, having lived her entire life in an ever-evolving world of tragedy and decadence; a world that in equal measure has both created and controlled her. Cultured in all manner of weaponry, class, literature, and fighting techniques, Rose lives out her immortal life on a thin veil between the affluent teachings of her past and the bizarre, otherworldly circumstances of her haunted abode. Relishing in her guise of a radiant, mysterious woman, Rose captivates the hearts of unwary victims she lures to the peculiar ship of the Nocturne - her home amongst the shadows, where she and her vampiric brethren can feast openly on human blood, or otherwise tame their feral desires.

On the outside, Rose appears nonchalant and cold, displaying a masterful personality that is exceedingly manipulative in the face of those she sees as useful to her goals, using her attractive appearance to bend others to her will. She neglects to reveal her true nature to others until the time is right, waiting for the perfect moment to kill or dispose of those with value while simultaneously playing the role of an alluring, fascinating woman. She does not like to share what is hers, becoming violent in the face of those who choose to oppose her via threatening or murdering them, particularly when their demise allows her a valuable opportunity to attain something she has her sights on. Though she does not feed often, she compares feeding on her victims as little more than a "night out", implying that she enjoys her insatiable thirst for blood and does not consider the process of killing and feeding on humans as immoral.