"♫ Then she sighed and squealed and kicked the air! My bear! She sang. My bear so fair! And off they went, from here to there, The bear, the bear, and the maiden fair. ♫"
—Reyes' favorite song, "The Bear and the Maiden Fair".

Reyes Nightseer is a Druid of Scosglen and a highly recognized member of the Greenguard. He become well known during the campaign to eliminate the bandits and highwaymen that occupied the Sharval Wilds. In the Western Kingdoms, he is known as Lonely Bear by friend and foe alike.


Reyes traveled to the Sharval Wilds in 1263, during the early stages of the Emergence of Evil. He settled in the Sharval Wilds and saw fit to call the realm his new home. Reyes was recruited by Stefan Huster to join the Greenguard and sought after for his adaption of the forest. For many years he proved ever vigilant in lowering crime within the small villages of the Sharval Wilds and is known to live a nomadic life style.

While living in the Sharval Wilds in 1266, Reyes established a sacred grove imbued with the traditional magic of Dubhdroiacht, sacred to the Druids of Scosglen. The grove gave life to the plants and purified the waters that had once been tainted by the evils of hell; Hellish creatures and demonic scavengers that traveled from the southern nation of Khanduras was thwarted by nature's magic. After the departure of Monica, a friend and allied through the Greenguard, Reyes kept his services open to her by answering summons to assist in the endeavors of the Eternal Companions.

Character and Appearance Edit

Reyes is a bold warrior, capable of great endurance and strength. His ability to shape shift into a bear has made him an extremely feared opponent in battles. His allie, Stefan Huster, often scrutinizes his methods in hunting and fighting, criticizing Reyes as 'barbaric' and 'rabid' compared to his more reserved comrades.