"I am a trafficker of information; I know everything that I can. What we don't know is what usually gets us killed."

Raymond Donoho, nicknamed Woodrat, is a spy of Death Watch and one of Zira's closest confidants. He is ill favored among what little friends he has due to his impudent and untrustworthy personality. He was trained as a protege to Xandria Waker, a master spy and expert assassin.


Raymond was born in Khanduras and both his parents died during the War of the Black King. As an orphan Raymond lived on the streets as a beggar and traded secrets with town locals in the city of Weslex. Eventually he was adopted by Xandria Waker, where trained him for a while as his protege. Though ashamed, Raymond engaged in sexual desires with Xandria for a time when she sold him off to prostitution.

In the years following the Emergence of Evil, Raymond managed to sway the mayor of Weslex under his control by using him as a puppet leader through blackmail. Raymond was careful to set many contingencies should the mayor of Weslex successfully kill him, and in a few attempts failed to do so. Raymond's influence became so strong over Weslex and its leaders that many criminal organizations began using the city as a haven to conduct business. Raymond congregated with multiple allies within the criminal underworld, all whilst backed by Xandria and using the city guard at his disposal.

Raymond became fond of inviting malevolent beings to his hideout, among them was Zira Ventress.

Character and Appearance Edit

Raymond is a flatterer, liar, and manipulator, all of which is used to get what he wants. He holds a reputation as a friend or foe, often times both simultaneously, due to him obtaining of information considered secret or confidential.