"I've seen inside the demon's dreams where young men die, and graveyards open up their arms for mothers left to cry"
—Randyl to Ingold Thorne, regarding their mission in Kurast.
Randyl Bennen
Ser Arthur Dayne by henning
Vital Statistics
Affiliation Order of Paladins

Knights of Westmarch

Position Paladin
Alias The Dawn Paladin
Family Byron (Father)
Born 1245 A.K. in Westmarch (city), Westmarch
Status Deceased; 1269 in Ureh, Kehjistan
Gender Male
Ethnicity Westerner
Height 6'1"
Alignment Lawful Good

Sir Randyl Bennen was a Paladin of Westmarch and the second son of Duke Byron Bennen. Randyl proved himself an able and competent leader in his own right. Despite not being a Lord, his strategic thinking, significant retinue and faith in the Light made him a man of significant standing. The Zakarum Church considers him one of the most valiant Paladins in the Order. He is famous throughout Westmarch for his record streaks in tournaments, his war efforts against the Black King and the key role in providing aid to Kurast against the demonic invasion. In Westmarch, he is called The Dawn Paladin by friend and foe alike.



Sigil of House Bennen.

Randyl was third born child of Byron Bennen. He has an older brother and sister. Being the second son, Randyl was incapable of inheriting lands or titles, thus was raised to become a Knight.

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Character and Appearance Edit

Like all true members of House Bennen, Randyl was tall and had white-blond hair. Many considered him handsome, yet not as much as his older brother. His most distinguishing feature was his sword, The Dawn, which had been forged during the time of the Ancients and passed down through his family.

Dawn by henning

The family heirloom of House Bennen, The Dawn.

In his youth Randyl was described as proud, bold, energetic, reckless, and thirsty for glory, and was ever a capable warrior and commander. His time spent fighting against demonic invasion made him more cautious, more seasoned, and, according to Ingold Thorne, more dangerous. He was loved by both the noblemen and smallfolk for his chivalry and love of his country. Many who knew him, including both his parents, saw him suitable to be the heir to House Bennen, preferably over his older brother.

In his later years, the Zakarum Church saw him as a true zealot of their faith, as Randyl contested the path of the Light to be his one and only calling. Because he was honor bound to the Order of Paladins, he viewed dark magic as a sin. His exceedingly high devotion to the Zakarum made him a candidate to join the Church's hierarchy. The Emergence of Evil, however, corrupted his heart into hatred towards the church for having failed the Eastern cities of Kurast and the capital Travincal.