Raid of Lut Gholein
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Prior to the Emergence of Evil


March 13th, 1262 A.K.


Lut Gholein, Aranoch

  • Demonic raid thwarted and forces scattered
  • Decisive victory for Lut Gholein




Lord Jerhyn

  • Greiz
  • Hartigan


  • Mai
  • Mengsk
  • Solene

Salladhor †

  • ~50 mercenary guardsmen
  • ~90 militia
  • ~10 mages
  • ~2 Necromancers
  • ~1 Paladin
  • ~160 undead
  • ~70 ghouls
  • ~1 Demon



The Raid of Lut Gholein is a battle that occurred in the Aranoch Desert and was the result of a demonic possession that spread through the city's inhabitants and the reanimation of a nearby tomb. The conflict has since become notable due to the demonic intervention of the battle, a rare occurrence before the Emergence of Evil.

On the eve of battle, the possessed Salladhor, a once Viz-Jaq'taar assassin, allowed his demonic host to spread mayhem and influence into the streets of Lut Gholein. The captain of the mercenary group, Greiz, fortified and rallied the cities inhabitants to combat the evil host. The raid took place on two fronts: the reanimated undead from the sewers of Lut Gholein, and the other from the Hidden Tomb of the Rocky Wastes which unleashed nearly 160 fiendish ghouls led by Salladhor. To combat both fronts of the raids, the city established a militia to secure the interior of the city, while the mercenary guardsmen fought in the open desert of the Rocky Waste.

During this conflict, a lone barbarain, known only as Roarkin, began a hunt for Salladhor and sought to slay him after the former assassin nearly killed his lover Mai. Along with Roarkin was Mai's brother Hartigan, who was a guardsmen and merancry for the city. Roarkin would later ally himself with two mysterious necromancers, the Soulstrider siblings, who had been sent to investigate the demonic disturbance within the city. Together, the five of these individuals, led by Roarkin, ultimately brought an end to the mayhem that Sallador had unleashed. The heroes would later become known as the saviors of Lut Gholein.

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