"Sing me a song."
—The Red Harpy to her victims.
Nikka Harpy
Vital Statistics
Affiliation The Oricon

Mage Clans

Position Mecenary


Alias The Red Harpy
Family Unknown
Born Unknown
Status Deceased
Gender Female
Ethnicity Easterner
Height 5'6"
Alignment Neutral Evil

Nikka Harpy was a mercenary and veteran member the Oricon. Aside from her natural aptitude for fighting, her keen abilities of sorcery, necromancy and apothecary made her a valuable asset to Erik Van Der Loo and acted as his personal captain of his paramilitary units. In the eastern nations, she was known as The Red Harpy by friend and foe alike.


Nikka's education of blood magic came at a young age and it forged her into a formidable warrior of both blade and sorcerery. Her past is unknown, yet she has revealed that her teachings were passed down by the wisdom of several different mage clans in Kehjistan, the Swamplands and the Torajan jungles, indicating her use of traveling the lands of Sanctuary and understanding many different languages. Among her greatest influences was the Dark Woman, a mysterious sorceress of blood magic.

While traveling Kehjistan, Nikka worked as a mercenary yet struggled to be taken seriously due to her gender. Often men would hire her for work but would only end up forcing themselves upon her which would always end in Nikka's violent backlash. She eventually became known as The Red Harpy due to her red eyes and blood magic but also contributed to her deadly resistance of rapers and enforcers.

Society of Apothecaries Edit

The Oricon Crisis Edit

Character and Appearance Edit

Nikka is slim and slender as a willow, with straight blond hair worn in a long braid which pulls back from a widow's peak. She has red eyes, high cheekbones, and full lips. Her presence is cold and hallow, yet her voice is daunting. She is a highly experienced battle commander which can often surprise her foes due to her gender, thus she is very much underestimated in her gift for strategy and combat prowess. Erik Van Der Loo once tried to become intimate with her but Nikka became much to frightening in his attempt.

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