"Hear my words and take heed: the people of sanctuary will fall to the darkness, like the storm clouds that bestow each drop of rain water."
—Mikel's pessimistic views of the destiny of mankind.

Mikel Hinrik is a Ranger Captain of Greenguard. Due to his strong belief in the Light, Mikel dedicates his life to eradicating evil, though he has no connection to the Zakarum hierarchy. As a foreigner within the Entsteig military and monoarch, Mikel receives little recognition for his achievements and is often distrusted by his peers solely on this fact; despite his lack of recognition, Mikel is considered by his closest comrades to be an expert military man.


Mikel has spent most of his life on the battlefield and inside chapels, though he is undecided on which one he loves more. Growing up he worked as a mercenary in the Dreadlands, then later traveled the world and made Entsteig his new home, and became a soldier in the Entsteig Royal Army. Though his upbringing remains untold, Mikel has revealed that in his youth he used to squire frequently for the Order of Crusaders, a branched order of the Zakarum.

Adjusting to Entsteig proved a difficult notion as his superiors often disgraced him for being a foreigner. To prove himself worthy, Mikel constantly showed off that he was a capable fighter in combat by spearheading into battle among the vanguard. Drafted under the command of Lord Lawrence Redpool in 1246, Mikel participated in several battles in the Tarlock Rebellion. Early in the war Mikel earned praise from his commander after he was among the few to survive and successfully push back an ambush instigated by Tarlock soldiers. After the rebellion was crushed, Mikel received almost no recognition except for a small cabin and a spit of land for reward.

In 1263, Stefan 'Hoof' Huster of the Royal Army recruited Mikel to serve as a Ranger Captain under the new paramilitary faction Greenguard. Mikel being one of the first recruited into the paramilitary organization, and hand picked by Stefan himself, he became a devout follower in Stefan's mission to eliminate evil and wrong doers in the Sharval Wilds. Mikel was given lands over the countryside and lived a fairly nomadic lifestyle while patrolling the forests along side druidic warrior Reyes Nightseer. By 1265, Mikel and his rangers, with the help of laborers, built multiple chapels across the Sharval Wilds and established holy grounds for travelers to find safe haven. Soley on Mikel's efforts and leadership over the Greenguard Rangers has he successfully eliminated several Highwayman and bandit camps through the northern and eastern regions of the forests.

Character and Appearance Edit

Mikel is blunt and crude, yet loyal to those he serves. Few who consider him a friend take heed of his zealous demeanor towards his religious beliefs of the Zakarum. Along with his unpleasant nature is the large, noticeable scars marked across his face from his years of combat. Stefan 'Hoof' Huster, Mikel's commander, considers him to be his most loyal and outspoken supporter. Sir Raimund Heartsbane, Mikel's comrade in the Grenguard, has stated numerous times that Mikel is as crazy in religious belief as he is deadly in combat.