"Belief is not a matter of choice but of conviction."
—Mengsk, regarding his journey through the teachings of Rathma.
Mengsk Soulstrider
Vital Statistics
Affiliation Priests of Rathma

Grey Company

Position Priest of Rathma
Alias Savior of Lut Gholein


Family Solene (Sister)
Born 1238 A.K. in Sharval Wilds
Status Deceased, 1269 A.K.
Gender Male
Ethnicity Westerner
Height 5'11"
Alignment Chaotic Good
Priest Mengsk Soulstrider is a follower of Rathma, commonly known as a Necromancer. He is also an adventurer alongside his younger sister Solene and has earned the title 'Savior of Lut Gholein'. Mengsk abides to the Priests of Rathma mainly as a means to survive and protect his sister, yet remains loyal in his goal to tip the scales of balance.

As with the nature of Necromancy, Mengsk has died and been resurrected twice in his life time. Due to his sisters uncanny ability to reanimate, Mengsk's blood connection to Solene has aloud him to pass between life and death.


To be continued....

Character and Appearance Edit

To be continued....