"That creature is dangerous. Many a time I have glimpsed him within the shadow. Sometimes there are skulls about him, and his face is red with blood."
Ventress to Medea, regarding Lurk
Faceless Assassin
Vital Statistics
Affiliation Vellatra

Blind Forest

Position Shape Shifter
Alias Names:
  • Skin-Walker
  • Flay-Face
  • Faceless Assassin
  • Faceless Man
  • The Boogey Man
  • Shadow Spawn
  • Haldon
  • Ingold
Family Unknown
Born Unknown
Status Alive
Gender Unknown
Ethnicity Unknown
Height Unknown
Alignment Chaotic Evil
Lurk, often called Flay-Face, is a humanoid shadow spawn of the Blind Forest. As a shapeshifter, he can mimic the appearance and voice of any person with exquisite precision. Due to the infamous nature of flaying his victims and wearing their skin as a disguise, Lurk is known commonly as a 'Skin-Walker' and is greatly feared by the citizens of Westmarch.

Having served under Vellatra, Lurk is regarded as one of her most powerful minions. His ability to shapeshift has allowed him and his associates to gain the trust of their enemies and infiltrate, assassinate, and assimilate with ease. Vellatra considers him "a prized agent" yet thinks of him as "bizarre and mysterious from beyond the Shadow."

Lurk's most notable task was infiltrating the Grey Company. He was a perpetrator of the Bramwell massacre in 1269, known as "The Feast of Crows", but was never caught or charged.


Lurk was discovered by Vellatra at some point prior to the War of the Shadows. He quickly became one of her most favorite pawns, for his transgressions toward small towns throughout Westmarch had made him an entity of infamy. Lurk's loyalty wavered at first, for he and the other Skin-Walkers of the Blind Forest had no quarrels in the wars of Man. Convinced that Vellatra was an agent of the Void, Lurk and the other Skin-Walkers eventually swore fealty to the Dark Templar and began doing her bidding without question.

The War of the Shadows Edit

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Appearance and CharacterEdit


As a Skin-Walker of the Blind Forest, Lurk is a sapient, humanoid being spawned from shadow. His goal as a shapeshifter is to assimilate as many beings as possible, specifically by absorbing their skin and identity. He lacks empathy, a conscience, and concern over right and wrong. Because of this, Lurk has difficulty understanding various aspects of human behavior and is unable to feel emotion or understand certain human idiosyncrasies. He recognizes himself as his own unique individual and will often times strive to find his own perspective on humanity, such as pretending to laugh in moments he deems humorous, for example.

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Lurk among his kin while hunting in the Blind Forest.

As a shapeshifter, Lurk will often attempt to accomplish his goals by subterfuge and deception instead of brute force and extreme violence. He kills without compassion or remorse, but always with deliberation. He is described as having his own set of morals, however twisted they may be. While he does not kill at random or without purpose, his reasons are at times abstract. According to Vellatra, his mistress, he sees himself as a hand of fate; an instrument who exacts what is supposed to happen upon those he sees accountable.