"Do not trouble your heart overmuch with thoughts of the road ahead. Maybe the path that you shall tread is already laid before your feet, even though you do not see it."
—Karen gives farewell to Alec.
Lissie Kortez
Fire mage by Eliag1101
Vital Statistics
Affiliation Eternal Companions
Position Sorceress
Family Luccar (father)
Born 1247 A.K. in Kurast Docks, Kehjistan
Status Alive
Gender Female
Ethnicity Kehjistani
Height 5'8"
Alignment Lawful Neutral

Lissie Kortez is a Zann Esu Sorceress and master elemental wielder. She is well known among her kin for creating a unique spell that allows the transmutation of fire, ice and electric, creating a dreadful elemental. Due to her kindness and wisdom, Lissie is regarded as one of the most respected members of the Eternal Companions and holds a keen friendship with several of its members. She serves as a personal adjutant to Katheryne Sévérine.


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Journeymen through the Yshari Sanctum.

As a lowborn, Lissie and her family lived as peasents within the outskirts of Kurast Docks, and faced hardships during a famine of 1256 A.K. in which her father died of starvation. She has three sisters and a younger brother. Her fist encounter with magic was during puberty when she learned how to create sparks from snapping of her fingers. He parents soon found out her ability to conjure fire, thus sent her away to Caldeum. The Yshari Sanctum were unable to find the source of her magic's inception but were convinced to accept her as a novice when they discovered how swiftly her powers blossomed.

As a wielder of elemental magic, Lissie found herself needed as a newly member of the Zann Esu clan, a female group for exclusive ability to control fire, ice and electric elements.

Recent Events Edit

Lissie serves under Katheryne Sévérine as her personal apprentice. When not aiding in the endeavors of the Eternal Companions, Karen will spend much time in the Yshari Sanctum. As a Journeymen of the magic, she strives to perfect her techniques and spells so that she may prove vigilant. Her friendship with Katheryne has also lead her to become far more versatile in her magic, utilizing it in the most common and basic formalities, such as long distance communication. Despite her loyalty to the Eternal Companions, Lissie remains bitter and distasteful in the slaughter of the Corvus Renegades, and has refused to participate in the hunting and killing of the rival group. She began an on-again and off-again relationship with Kyumin Noh, a blademaster from Xiansai, and has fought beside his side in many skirmishes.
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Beyond the Snow.

Character and Appearance Edit

Lissie is proud, strong, kind, and generous. She is seen as honorable and upright by acquaintances, holding duty over desire as a governing principle of behavior. She is also a fiercely protective woman and more often than not follows her heart rather than her head. As a member of the Eternal Companions, Lissie remains ever faithful in the tenet to help others. On rare occasions she will use her magic to harm others, as she mostly displays her magic as a fear tactic toward her foes. Many consider Lissie sloppy with her spells, simply because she creates an overwhelming surge of mana.

When passing time with her friends and allies, Lissie is shown to be gracious in social gatherings; due to her uplifting aura, many people within her ranks seek her company and friendship. She has a secret infatuation for Alec, a sentiment not reciprocated.