"Destroying things is much easier than making them."
—Leyna's thoughts on the destructive nature of man.

Dame Leyna Vizakna is a lieutenant of the Hope Vigilants and a renowned tactician. She works closely with the leader of her clan, Sir Velkan Roxburgh, as his personal confidant and remains a highly respected warrior from Coorain, Westmarch. Leyna also has ties to the Eternal Companions due to her political alliance with Jeremiah Shinto.

Leyna previously served as a squire for Lord Hoster Balvon and was eventually a promoted to Damehood. She became the first person from Coorain to be promoted to royal service. Her fierce leadership, mastery of weapons and gift for strategy earned her the nickname The Tigress of Coorain.


Leyna was born and raised in Coorain, Westmarch. Both her parents peasants and volunteer militiamen, Leyna grew up in a harsh environment of manual labor from an early age. After working as a miner for over a decade, Leyna's father passed away after contracting an illness. As she grew up Leyna was taught to read and write by priests of the Zakarum church.

While her mother served in the town militia Leyna received training from locals and the adventures who traveled through Coorain. In 1250, a traveling soldier-of-fortune came to the city looking for a new squire, as his old one had been killed on a recent mission, and Leyna volunteered. Leyna's mother was initially livid at her daughter sudden departure, but was relieved when she returned safe and blossomed. The soldier-of-fortune was later discovered to be Ordell Balvon, son of Lord Hoster Bolvon, the Earl of Daglor.

The Bridge of Eternal Hope Edit

During the Summer of 1270, Leyna and several of her comrades were approached by Jeremiah Shinto of the Eternal Companions at a tavern along the King's Road. During his stay, Jeremiah and Leyna quickly became friends, and it was only after Jeremiah beat her in a drinking contest did she listen to his ambassadorial offers the next morning.

Jeremiah was a traveling recruiter on behalf of his organization and sought to bring more able bodied warriors from Westmarch. Leyna was initially hesitant to accept such a hasty alliance, but upon bringing news of this pact to Velkan she eventually became convinced to take Jeremiah's offer; according to Velkan, he sought to put an end to the idleness of their clan and start making an impact in the surrounding nations that remained affected by demonic influence. Leyna, however, sought personal glory and took it upon herself to represent her clan. Alas, Leyna and the Hope Vigilants integrated into the ranks of the Eternal Companions as a sister organization.

Character and Appearance Edit

Leyna is sophisticated, impudent and very outspoken. Much of her strength and fortitude comes from her early years as a child living under harsh training of the Westmarch military.