"Every lord has need of a beast from time to time."
—Lawrence referring to the nature of men during wartime.

Lord Lawrence Redpool is the Lord of castle Stoneheart, a Knight of Entsteig and the Head of House Redpool. As a veteran battle commander, he is greatly respected by his allies and feared by his foes. His most notable victory was during the Tarlock Rebellion, a civil-war that raged between House Tarlock and House Redpool within the city of Lakeshore. Lawrence is the father of Lady Melara Redpool, a nigh-legendary Dame and member of the Queen's Guard.


Lawrence is an only child, son to Lord Hector Redpool. He was raised and tutored by the Entsteig Monarch in his earliest years and was raised as a soldier. When he reached manhood, his mother, Lady Tamara, proclaimed him Lord of Castle Stoneheart, the seat to House Redpool.

Tarlock Rebellion Edit

Circa 1246 A.K. began the political uprising of vessel houses surrounding the capitol of Entsteig. Earl Reynard Tarlock of Alerin became the leader of the belligerence. Lord Lawrence, a prominent commander and loyal to the crown, was placed in charge of spearheading a campaign to end the rebellion.

Into the West Edit

Character and Appearance Edit

Lawrence is a tall, broad-shouldered man. He has the signature red hair of the Redpool family, which has started to turn grey in his late years, which compliments his hardened brown eyes, and has multiple scars on his face from the numerous battles he has participated in. In battle, he wears deep crimson armor highlighted with bronze, with a cloth-of-red cape.

He is a arrogant, intelligent and politically astute. He dedicates his life and efforts towards maintaining the Redpool's prestige, and ensuring House Redpool is respected, or at least feared. With the future of his family resting on his daughter Melara, he is very protective and concerned over her safety, and loves her dearly. He is a proven battle commander and politician, and has a very powerful presence combined with an intimidating gaze.