Ladislav Scowcroft, commonly known as Laddy, is a mercenary secretly employed by Alec Kylar to serve as an agent on behalf of the Eternal Companions. His brother Azorian worked closely with him as a partner. Heis a highly skilled archer and recognized by his associates as one of the best marksmen from Westmarch.

Later in his life, Ladislav went on to become a devoted member of the Rune Rogues, a task force of exiled warriors directed by Alec Kylar to find rare runes. Ladislav has also achieved much success in many archery tournaments. He also works sparingly as a vigilante within the towns of Westmarch.

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Veiled threat.

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Ladislav along side his brother while infiltrating the Fouler Clan's hideout.

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Underworld Hero.

History Edit

Ladislav was born in rural Westmarch on April 29th, 1240. At the age of 6, his old brother Azorian began looking after him after their father was killed in a military skirmish. His mother, widowed, worked in the capital and would sparingly visit their farm. By the age of 10, Lasislav and Azorian operated their farm on their own. For food, Ladislav began learning to use bow and arrows to hunt, and learned melee weaponry from his brother to defend against raiders or bandits.

Veiled Vigilantes Edit

Later in his life, Ladislav and Azorian came to learn that their father's death was caused by hill tribes that threatened the peaceful towns and cities of Westmarch. Ladislav, seeking vengeance against those who killed and pillaged, convinced his brother to collect bounties on the most dangerous warriors of the hill tribes. Both brothers began practicing their skill with weaponry at local tournaments. By the age of 20, Ladislav's mastery of the bow became unparalleled to any bowmen in the region.

In 1261, the Scowcroft brothers made their first big bust when the duo infiltrated the Hornfoot tribe and eliminated their leader and elites. After that the brothers began traveling across the Western Kingdoms, offering their services to join mercenary groups in return for contracts or bounties. In one such mission, the Scowcrofts joined an Aranochi mercenary group to conduct raids against the Fouler Clan, an organized crime syndicate in the rural desert, and even briefly crossed paths with famous vigilante Deadox during the mission.

Rune Rogues Edit

Character and Appearance Edit

Ladislav is calm, unscrupulous and insincere. His motives are commonly unrevealed to his comrades; mind readers, even those as skilled as Alec, have difficulty scanning his thoughts. In his later years, Ladislav's mind became much more impenetrable due to his excessive psionic commincation with Alec Kyar.

He uses bows and rapiers to attack quickly and accurately, and dexterous armor pieces grant him the ability to evade enemy blows. Though his melee combat is inferior to that of his brother, he has been known to defeat him single handedly in some competitive duels.