"Kill the girl, Kira. Kill the girl, and let the woman be born."
—Mengsk to Kira
Kira Smithers
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Vital Statistics
Affiliation Groups:
  • Eternal Companions
  • Sisterhood of the Sightless Eye
  • Grey Company
Position Archer


Alias Kind Kira
Family Mother (deceased)


Born 1253 in Westmarch
Status Alive
Gender Female
Ethnicity Westerner
Height 5'4"
Alignment Neutral Good
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Kira, newly appointed to the Sisterhood of the Sightless Eye, holding the Leonine Bow of Hashir.

Kira Smithers is a citizen of Westmarch and a skilled archer. Kira is also a profitient artisan. She proved versatile and headstrong in her efforts to aid the Grey Company, lead by Solene Soulstrider. She would later join the Sisterhood of the Sightless Eye under the command of Grand Marshal Jayla Songbird.


Kira is the daughter of Oliver and Adelaide, both lowborn and laborers. Oliver, a master blacksmith, taught Kira from a young age the use of artisan work and craftsmanship. At some point she learned to use a bow and ride a horse as well. Adelaide, however, was very much absent from Kira for most of her life, and only in the last few months before Adelaide's execution for necromancy and witchcraft did Kira connect with her mother. After Adelaide's death, Kira inherited her mother's amulet which had been secretly imbued with the essence of magic from the Priests of Rathma. Kira would later learn that her mother was constantly away from home due her nomadic lifestyle as a pathfinder.

Much of her free time outside of artisan work was used at riding and traveling the regions of Westmarch. Her horse became her greatest companions due to her desire to travel alone. In her journeys, Kira crossed paths with diverse groups, including highlanders, outlanders and nomadic warriors. Most strangers she met were often surprised of her dexterous abilities and use of a bow. On some occasions she would attend tournaments and page for champions of her liking. In 1263, she begin squiring for a few months with a group of Westmarch rangers within the borders of the Blind Forest.

The Wandering Witness Edit

The War of the Shadows Edit

Character and Appearance Edit

Kira is ditzy, lively and kindhearted to her peers. However, beneath the surface, Kira holds a keen sense of ambition and intelligence. She has a strong will for adventure and often travels the realm on her own. She earned her nickname "Kind Kira" from Mengsk Soulstrider due to her gentle heart and positive demeanor.