"You southerners love your fancy dresses and golden armor. But underneath, you forget your skin is pink, frail and soft like a cunt. That is what you all are: a bunch of cunts. "
—Khardan to Robert regarding the Men of Westmarch.

Khardan Forlark
Barbarian by thedurrrrian-d6mfvo6
Vital Statistics
Affiliation Eternal Companions

Shadow Wolf Clan

Position Mercenary


Alias Dan

Lord of Drinking

Family Unknown
Born 1198 A.K. in Eternal Woods, Northern Steppes
Status Alive
Gender Male
Ethnicity Barbarian
Height 6'11"
Alignment Lawful Evil

Khardan Forlark, affectionately known as Dan, is a Barbarian of the Shadow Wolf Clan and a champion of the Eternal Companions. He comes from a long line of highly decorated warriors and burns with the desire to serve with ferocity.


To be continued....

Appearance and CharacterEdit

He carries the legendary bastard sword 'Blade Breaker'.