"Sometimes I think everyone is just pretending to be brave, and none of us really are."
—Khaldar regarding his broken tribe of Barbarians.

Khaldar Forlark
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Vital Statistics
Affiliation Eternal Companions

Shadow Wolf Clan

Position Mercenary


Alias Dar


Family Khardan Folark (cousin)

Khadal Folark (cousin)

Born 1212 A.K. in Eternal Woods, Northern Steppes
Status Alive
Gender Male
Ethnicity Barbarian
Height 6'2"
Alignment Lawful Neutral

Khaldar Forlark, affectionately known as Dar, was a Barbarian of the Shadow Wolf Clan and patron of the Eternal Companions. He came from a long line of highly decorated warriors and was a masterbuilder in architecture. In his tribe, he is known as Stonewolf by friend and foe alike.


Khaldar was born in the Shadow Wolf Clan, the largest clan of the Barbarian Tribes. He is the cousin of Khardan and Khadal, both whom are respected members of his tribe. After the Worldstone's Destruction, which resulted in his tribe disbanding, he and his cousins abandoned their ruined homeland and traveled south and into the Western Kingdoms to offer their services as enforcers and mercenaries. Due to his short height of 6'2", compared to other Barbarians of the North who stand closer to seven feet tall, Khaldar managed to blend in with southerns, while his cousins stood out as behemoths.

Khardan quickly became a prominent member of the Eternal Companions during the organization's initial formation. Alas, Khaldar was brought into the organization as a warrior beside his cousin Khardan, yet his most notable gift was for building. Before long, Khaldar managed to construct several encampments to serve as headquarters or bases of operations for the Eternal Companions. He is valued by his peers, especially Ikeda Cao, for the tremendous work he has contributed to rebuilding and expanding settlements in the Western Kingdoms after the Emergence of Evil.

To Unseat a Conqueror Edit

Appearance and CharacterEdit

Despite his native blood to Bul-Kathos, he is short in statue compared to his kin and a wiry man, with a hallow face and bald head. He is openly mocked by his cousins and is sensitive about his height. He is stronger than he looks, and has the best night-eyes of anyone Khardan has ever known. He is regarded as one of the best builders in the Shadow Wolf Clan, earning him his nickname.