"Not sure if death has the patience for the lot of us."
—Kennet Tegan, regarding the quest to return home.
Sir Kennet Tegan
Warrior of the plains by solidtom-d2cyf3s
Vital Statistics
Affiliation Knights of Westmarch

Grey Company

Position Knight
Alias The Heartspear
Born 1240 A.K. in Duncraig, Westmarch
Status Alive
Gender Male
Ethnicity Westerner
Height 6'0"
Alignment Chaotic Neutral

Sir Kennet Tegan is a Knight of Westmarch and member of the Grey Company. Quick and dexterous in combat, he is known to for his expert use of spear and shield. His most accomplished achievement was the victory over Sir Ghael Turambar through trial by combat, an effort to save his father due to being falsely accused of association to the Thieves Guild.



Shield of House Tegan

Kennet is the first son of Lord Angus Tegan. His mother died giving birth to his younger brother, whom also died of sickness at a young age. Angus forced his son into combat training as soon as Kennet was old enough to hold and balance a sword, but Kennet was unmotivated in his lessons. For a time, Kennet saw fit to test his will as a blacksmith, but his father was unsatisfied with his son's career path. On his 13th birthday, Kennet's uncle, who was stationed in Lut Gholein, brought Kennet a Aranochy Spear as a gift. Kennet soon found his strength in the use of the spear's power and discovered his hidden talents in combat use. Though tall and heavy, Kennet wished to move quickly in combat and remain agile, thus ignoring the use of heavy armor. He became a Knight at the age of nineteen, and his fellow comrads nicknamed him 'The Heartspear'.

Trial by Combat Edit

In 1262 A.K, Angus was accused of being an associate of the Thieves Guild when several retainers of House Tegan were caught dealing and fencing illegal substances. One of these constitutions was Kennet's uncle, Sir Harlarn Tegan, who was condemned after being caught soliciting stolen merchandise. The heat soon fell onto Kennet himself, however he was found not guilty after formal assessments by Westmarch marshals. Angus was soon put on trial, but when presented to confess his alleged crimes, Angus instead opted for a trial by combat.

A fortnight before the trial by combat took place, Kennet approached his father and asked permission to be his champion in the fight. Angus initially refused to allow Kennet to fight but would later grant his son the honor when his opponent was chosen by the court: Sir Ghael Turambar, a grievous and experienced fighter known for inflicting tremendous pain to his foes. Angus was by no means suited nor fit to challenge such a deadly fighter and was highly reluctant to allow his own son to take his place.

Appearance and CharacterEdit

Kennet is a serious, stubborn, unforgiving man with an inflexible sense of duty and justice. He neither dissembles nor flatters. Kennet is obsessed with slights both real and imagined causing him to grind his teeth regularly. He is a bold warrior; many consider him to be extremely brave, others a daredevil, for spearheading into a fight or battle. Outside of battle, he is fond of sharpening his spear, tournaments, and smithing.