"I will redeem you, by force if necessary."
—Kendrick threatens Lyra

Sir Kendrick Corrigan is a Paladin of Zakarum under the Westmarch Monarch. He is the son of famous priest Gregory Corrigan. A renowned swordsman, Kendrick served as a constable for many towns throughout Westmarch. His actions came to prominence during The War of the Shadows. In Westmarch, he is commonly known as The Regulator.


The Regulator of Westmarch Edit

In the years following the War of the Black King, Kendrick was selected among his order to serve as a watchful protector among the denizens of Westmarch following an increase in civil disobedience and panic. By the time The Emergence of Evil had spread across Sanctuary crime rose to an all time high. Kendrick lead a group of paladin enforcers to regulate cities infested with criminal activity or organized crime.

In the spring of 1268, Kendrick became well known in the town of Darklin by solely eliminating two opposing gangs through strategy and force. With only a few casualities on both sides, Kendrick managed to detain both gang leaders through open confrontation, with their followers subduing shortly after. Hailed for his heroics at removing the gangs from Darklin, multiple mayors across Westmarch began mailing letters the paladin in hopes of hiring him for his services to which Kendrick obliged in several.

During his years as The Regulator Kendrick avoided several assassination attempts. The Thieves Guild publicly declared mutiple bounties on Kendrick for his efforts at bringing down their organization in small towns. In time Kendrick managed to form a pose to protect and join him in his endeavors. He and this new group later became known as The Regulators with Kendrick as their leader.

Character and Appearance Edit

Kendrick is known for his individualistic upright demeanor. In his youth he was easily impressed yet slightly irascible during a fight. In his later years as a veteran of combat, Kendrick became egotistical and highly vain. While his faith in the Light often wavers, he nonetheless stays true to his knightly and religious vows.