"Fear is the real enemy. Don't let our enemies control us."
—Joel Gabriel
Vital Statistics
Affiliation Eternal Companions
Position Hunter
Alias Two-Foot
Family Unknown
Born 1246 A.K. in Far Oasis, Aranoch
Status Alive
Gender Male
Ethnicity Aranochi
Height 5'7"
Alignment Lawful Evil
Slayer Joel, nicknamed Two-Foot, is an expert hunter, explorer, scout and member of the Eternal Companions. He is considered a hero by the small folk of Aranoch due to his apprehension of bounties and beasts. His dislike of personal transportation, via horse or camel, has earned him his nickname. His skill with bows, spears and swords make him a versatile warrior.

One of the most colorful figures in the Aranoch desert, Joel's reputation began to spread when he was only nineteen years old. Shortly thereafter he joined the Eternal Companions as a warrior and guide of the desert regions. Occasionally he has traveled west to aid the organization with conflict or war. He remains close friends with Alec and Khardan.


To be continued....

Character and Appearance Edit

In his youth, Joel was described as prestigious with a bow and blade. However, the hardships of the desert have turned him solitary, bitter and quick tempered. He never smiles and will more than likely avoid interacting with others even if he is in need of help. His fear of mounting animals, such as horses and camels, have made him a target of ridicule by some of his friends and allies.


Scouring the Aranoch.