"I suppose that's fair. Ambivalence is a step closer to acceptance than hatred. Well, at least I hope..."
—Horvath to Willem, regarding the latter's neutral stance on barbarians.

Horvath, son of Horlar, is a Barbarian of the Frost Wolf Clan. He is the husband of Krea. Prior to the Worldstone's Destruction and the breaking of his clan, due to Baal's forces conquering the entire Northern Steppes, Horvath served as a vanguard in numerous battles and skirmishes against his rival clans. He also participated in raiding outposts belonged to Bastion's Keep. Horvath retreated south to the Western Nations as a nomad to escape the demonic horde and corruption that engulfed his homeland.

Later in his life, Horvath became a dedicated member of the Rune Rogues, a task force of exiled warriors directed by Alec Kylar to find rare runes, and served as the squad's heavy enforcer and gave a physical presence. He favors the Dol rune which in turn enhances his barbarian war cries and drives fear into his enemies. He worked as a blacksmith within the city of Acadia, known for its famous smithing, before being recruited by his benefactor Alec Kylar.


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