Hollowed Sisters
Triquetra by ri bobribbon-d4d6l5h
Sigil of the Hollowed Sisters
Founded 1264
Officers 3
Members 60
Headquaters Greyhollow Island
Affiliation Groups
Sisters by martianzombie-d7el1d9

Sri, Medea and Winifred.

The Hollowed Sisters is a cult of Witches that resides in Westmarch. They are infamous for slaughtering livestock and kidnapping children. Though they are not considered evil, they are nonetheless deadly and devious in their activities. They have a thin alliance with the Priests of Rathma. During the War of Shadows, their cult switched alliances to The Grand Widow Vellatra, opting to betrayer the Necromancers.

The head of their coven is led by three triplet sisters, kin to the Moth Queen, and are Sri, Medea, and Winifred. Together, the triplets are considered grisly in their Witchcraft and are feared by both friends and foes. Through cunning and swiftness, the three sisters have never been caught by authorities and are almost never seen apart, for they work closely as one entity.

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