Founded 1263 A.K.
Leader Stefan Huster
Officers 1
Members 120~
Headquaters Fort Windpeak, Sharval Wilds
Affiliation Entsteig

Greenguard, commonly known as Guardians of the Wild, are a military group whose purpose is to defend the Sharval Wilds and to prevent outlaws and brigands from entering Entsteig, as well as evil and dark magic above all. The group was founded by Lieutenant Stefan "Hoof" Huster, a former official of the Royal Army of Entsteig.


The Greenguard was formed in 1263 A.K. while the Darkening of Tristram was entering its inception. Lieutenant Stefan Huster was assigned by the Lord Commander of Entsteig to assemble a small task force of warriors and rangers across the lands to combat against the severe increase of brigands and highwayman. Stefan's initial task was to gather no more than a few dozen members. Laborers within the forest were hired as well to build a headquarters, Fort Windpeak, which took nearly a year to complete.

At the time when the Emergence of Evil became a real threat in Khanduras, the Sharval Wilds became plagued by foul and evil magic that slowly spread beyond its borders. Stefan began recruiting eager warriors and adventures who sought glory against the demonic invasion. By 1265 A.K. the Greenguard reached its prime in members, for their sworn duty to protect the forest also granted them lands and titles as a reward by Entsteig's monarch. However, as Sanctuary entered into an era known as the Quiet Peace their numbers began to dwindle.

Prominent Members Edit

  • Lieutenant Stefan Huster, a stern leader and veteran warrior. Hails from Entsteig. (1263-1266)
  • Sir Raimund Heartsbane, a renowned warrior and knight-errant. Hails from Khanduras (1263-Present)
  • Monica Cantu, an expert huntress, warrior and rider. Hails from the Sharval Wilds. (1263-1266)
  • Maria Johann, an expert bowman and former Sister of the Sightless. Hails from Khanduras. (1263-Present)
  • Georgy Forster, a spymaster and skilled alchemist. Hails from Entsteig. (1263-Present)
  • Howler, an expert hunter and former mercenary. Hails from Entsteig. (1263-Present)
  • Reyes Nightseer, a Druid skilled in bestiary and shape shifting. Hails from Scosglen. (1264-Present)
  • Mikel Hinrik, a ranger and zealot of the Zakarum religion. Hails from the Dreadlands. (1263-1271)
  • Argo Ruffly, a cleric dedicated to combat restoration. Hails from Kurast. (1263-Present)
  • Ramin, a cunning hunter and trapper. Hails from Khanduras. (1264-1269)