"Money buys a man's silence for a time. A dagger in the heart buys it forever."
—Georgy silencing a witness.

Georgy Forster is a former bandit and the spymaster for the Greenguard. He is also a highly skilled alchemist, his potions utilized for combat, healing and imbued magic, though his work often goes uncredited. Georgy has accomplished many tasks involving espionage and infiltration, but his loyalties often waver to the highest bidders.


Georgy began showing high intelligence and craftsmanship at an early age, and joined the Alchemist Guild in Entsteig at the age of 14. He was ultimately kicked out during his first year of apprenticeship due to his nighttime activities as a blackmarket dealer. When Georgy's masters excommunicated him, he stole numerous amounts of equipment, herbs and prized artifacts so that he could continue his work among the underworld organizations and make a steady profit.

In 1263, he offered his assistance to Sir Stefan Huster who was forming Greenguard; the two became acquainted through Georgy's contacts with corrupt town guard of Entsteig. Though initially against recruiting Georgy, Stefan eventually brought him into the fold when Georgy developed a potion that could extinguish fire in forest areas. Stefan was also satisfied with Georgy's vast network of spys he had under his control through the many years of underworld politics, thus Georgy became Greendguard's spymaster; Georgy's history and knowledge of criminal activities allowed Stefan to study the organized gangs that lurked within the Sharval Wilds.

Character and Appearance Edit

Georgy is a daring man, and will normally take high risks for high rewards. As a spymaster to Greenguard, he often 'jumps the fence' as much as he can in order to greater benefit his personal desires. Among his comrades he is friendly and noted for his gifted singing. His most distinguished feature is the scar across his right eye, received in a love affair with a lumberjack's wife.