"A dance with death? Far too melancholy. I demand an honorable demise."
—Doug's last words before being lynched.
Doug Dogo
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Vital Statistics
Affiliation Eternal Company
Position Enchanter
Alias The Arcane Enchanter
Family Unknown
Born 1246 A.K. in Kurast, Kehjistan
Status Deceased, 1267 A.K.
Gender Male
Ethnicity Kehjistani
Height 6'0"
Alignment Lawful Evil

Doug Dogo was an Enchanter of the Taan Clan and a member of the Eternal Companions. His ability to imbue a weapon with arcane magic has made him well known within the organization. He was close friends with Hyun-Shik, Khardan and Khadal.


Doug was born in Kurast to a family of magic users as both his parents tought him arcane and enchantments from a young age.

Doug's neck did not snap; he instead was strangled to death slowly, twitching for over 15 minutes before being pronounced dead sometime after the trap had been sprung.

Character and Appearance Edit

Doug was often described as quiet but gleeful towards his friends and allies. His most distinguishing feature was his long, blood red hair and the extensive use of paint on his face. Many considered him to be a 'mana addict' due to his obsession with arcane magic he would use to imbue weapons, which later became his trade mark fashion within the Eternal Companions.