"A man of Sahptev lives his life for the realm."
—Dearak Juhptu, speaking about his religious beliefs.
Abbot Dearak Juhptu
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Vital Statistics
Affiliation Sahptev
Position Monk
Alias Dearak the Waverer
Family Bartly (father)
Born 1213 A.K. in Ivgorod
Status Unknown
Gender Male
Ethnicity Ivgorodi
Height 5'9"
Alignment Lawful Neutral

Abbot Dearak Juhptu is a Monk of the Sahptev, a master-at-arms and a renowned healer. During the Emergence of Evil, he was chosen by his peers to travel Sanctuary and purge evil, a quest he was initially reluctant to accept but later embraced his mission as a manifest destiny. Having traveled the world for many years, Dearak has gained a reputation as a formidable fighter in tournaments and in the battlefield. He is loosely affiliated with the Eternal Companions and has supported them since their inception. In the Eastern nations, he is commonly known as Dearak the Waverer. His current whereabouts are unknown.

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Dearak is the third born son of Bartly Juhptu. He was given to the Sahptev at a young age and was raised among the Monks of Ivgorod. His intially training was to become a healer and later embrace himself as a cleric. However, Dearak showed promising skills as a fighter and was then selected by the Patriarchs to become a Monk. As he neared manhood, Dearak showed great interest in fighting tournaments and would often travel south to the Aranoch to compete.


Character and Appearance Edit

To be continued....

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