"His skills are best utilized by our organization, and rather he be on our side rather with our enemies. Let him be. Let him get his hands dirty when you seek not too."
—Elee Llamas to Ikeda Cao regarding Dana's dangerous motives.

Dana Dinh was a deadly assassin and hitman of the Eternal Companions. Despite an austere, mechanical physicality and virtually non-verbal interaction, Dana was a fearsome presence who killed without hesitation or emotion. Later on, he became a deadly agent under Elee Llamas and her spy network. He met his demise during the Skirmish of Nightheart.


Born in Xiansai as the third son of House Dinh, Dana was among the many members of his family to serve as a vassal to the Great Families. Brought up as an assassin, Dana proved more resilient and capable than his peers due to his size and cunning. At age eleven he performed his first assassination with a group of youth, initiating a war between two of his rival clans that resulted in a number of deaths. Dana, from that point on, was determined to sell his blade as a hitman.

A Foreign Blade in the West Edit

In 1265, Dana traveled southwest toward the Western Kingdoms after he learned from the Great Families that several denizens of Xiansai, including notable warriors from House Sévérine, House Cao and House Jun-fan, traveled to the mainland to combat against the remnants of the demonic invasion. Seeking to make profits, Dana joined during the Liberation of Kurast as a mercenary on behalf of Ikeda. He was eventually brought into the Eternal Companions after earning recognition as a deadly assassin.

Having worked closely with Elee Llamas, the organization's spymaster, Dana quickly became a controversial figure due to his relentless approach at assassinations, all while endangering innocent civilians in the towns he visited. His identify kept anonymous to monarchs and allied organizations, Dana's crimes remained unhindered even in times when he killed women and children, leading several of the leaders such as Executor Ikeda and Katheryne to openly confront Dana in regards to his barbaric actions. By 1266, Dana had completed nearly one-hundred assassinations, most of them on unfriendly rivals and known criminals, and embraced his pseudonym as The Killer of Xiansai. At one point, the Eternal Eight secretly held a meeting to discuss killing Dana as a means of justice, but Elee and Alec voted against it due to the fact that the people he succeeded at killing meant that the ends justified the means.

Character and Appearance Edit

Dana was extremely dangerous, cunning, cold and psychopathic. Despite his demeanor, Dana proved obedient and loyal to those he served. He was despised by nearly everyone, including Executor Ikeda who would have personally seen too it that he was condemned and executed if not for Elee's persistence in keeping him as her personal agent. Elee considered him one of the most seasoned killers to hail from Xiansai. Yseult considered him unworthy of sentiment as he was merely a man who, according to her, "stabbed an enemy in the back, rather than face-to-face."