"Never let the legend die."
—Carlo Paulo Izumi
Carlo Paulo Izumi
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Vital Statistics
Affiliation Eternal Companions
Position Summoner
Alias Carl
Family Darmar (father)
Born 1243 A.K. in Caldeum
Status Alive
Gender Male
Ethnicity Kehjistani
Height 5'9"
Alignment Lawful Evil

Carlo Paulo Izumi is an experienced summoner of the Mage Clans. A wielder of arcane magic, he can call upon mystical beings, conjure weapons and open portals. Carlo is a considerable asset to the Eternal Companions and will often times provide crucial support to his allies in combat situations.

Carlo is deemed to be the right-hand man of Toan Tran and will often serve as his personal adjutant. Carlo is also a close friend to McKenna Larthian as well as her husband Alexander, both whom serve within Toan's gang. In 1268, Toan and his minions, including Carlo, intergrated into the Eternal Companions, where he would later befriend Qadir Harklot and Midori Rivera.

He began a secret love affair with Midori, which remained undiscovered by her husband Qadir for some time. Circa 1269, Midori's affair with Carlo was eventually discovered by Qadir; When conflict arose between the former friends, Toan had Qadir assassinated. Carlo and Midori later married.


To be continued....

Character and Appearance Edit