"Die knowing that soon, no one will be left to mourn you, traitor. My father, the Archduke, says the crows are to feed on your corpse."
—Bryan Bennen to Ingold Thorne, moments before cutting him down.
Bryan Bennen
Vital Statistics
Affiliation Westmarch Monarch

Knights of Westmarch

Position Marquess


Alias The Heathenish Executioner
Family Byron (father)

Alice (mother)

Born 1243 in Westmarch
Status Alive
Gender Male
Ethnicity Westerner
Height 6'1"
Alignment Chaotic Evil

Marquess Bryan Bennen is a nobleman of Westmarch and the first born son of Archduke Byron Bennen. He is the heir to his father's rule and Castle Melbourne. He became infamous after he caused a massacre in the Bramwell Cathedral, known as The Feast of Crows, due to his thirst for revenge against Ingold Thorne for mercy killing his brother Randyl. Due to his stained reputation, he is commonly known as The Heathen Executioner.


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