"You kill them or they kill you. Life and death. It's the simplest thing to understand about war, my dear brother."
—Arnod Partridge to Arson.

Arnod Partridge
Vital Statistics
Affiliation Knights of Westmarch

Grey Company

Position Knight
Alias Arnod the Shield Barrier
Family Arson (Brother)
Born 1243 in Sharval Wilds
Status Alive
Gender Male
Ethnicity Khanduran
Height 5'11"
Alignment Unknown

Sir Arnod Partridge is a Knight of Westmarch and a member of the Grey Company. He is the older brother of Sir Arson Partridge and hails from the Sharval Wilds. Arnod holds a very close and fatherly relationship with his younger brother, often leading or protecting him through harsh reality of warfare and the demonic invasion. He is tactical and cunning while in combat, often using his shield as a primary defensive and offensive tool.


Crusaders a by jOuey

Arnod the Shield Barrier defending his brother from Khanduras soldiers.

Arnod, along with his younger brother Arson, was born and raised in Sharval Wilds. Having grown up a peasant in a poor family with 4 other siblings, he and his younger brother were sold in a human trafficking group. They were bought by a wealthy land owner who put them both to work as woodcutters, in which Arnod initially refused but was severally punished for his defiance. Eventually they were both sold once again and bought by a nobleman of Westmarch. Both siblings eventually found use as squires, even once squiring for Sir Oberith Marth, and soon caught the attention of Duke Byron Bennen.

During the War of the Black King, Arnod and his younger brother were stationed for a large duration in Blackreach Fort. Near the end of the war, he and his battalion were sent east to combat the Knights of Khanduras. Most skirmishes and fights were heavily one sided and in favor of the Westmarch army, but Arnod was determined to see his brother cast away his fear and become a seasoned warrior. After the Battle of the Whispering Wood was victorious, Arnod went so far as to hold a captive Khanduras Knight so that Arson may execute him personally.

Character and Appearance Edit

Arnod is smart, pragmatic and dashing. Once a city guard, he is beloved by the smallfolk, especially the women. His comrades consider him one of the greatest fighters in Westmarch due to his ability to read and adapt any combat situation. He is deeply in love with Idrean, a villager from Greenhearth.