"My brother's sins will haunt my family until we are all beneath the ground."
—Adria Lopar regarding Kristopher
Adria Lopar
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Vital Statistics
Affiliation None
Position Painter
Alias The Paintress
Family Kristopher (brother)

Shirley (sister)

Born 1238 A.K. in Fort Dryke, Swamplands
Status Unknown
Gender Female
Ethnicity Kehjistani
Height 5'7"
Alignment Neutral

Adria Lopar is an accomplished painter from the Swamplands. She is the older sister of the famous warrior Kristopher Lopar.


Much is unknown about Adria, for she seldom travels or becomes acquainted with strangers. She often sends her paintings to her siblings Shirley and Kristopher who are half a world away from her. Most of her paintings are portraits and landscapes.

Character and Appearance Edit

Adria is described as being beautiful, a trait that opposes her younger sister Shirley. She dresses in luxurious clothing with fine make up and rich perfume. Kristopher has remarked her bitterness for his depature from the Swamplands, yet remains unaware of her brother's motivation of leaving his home.